Why 100?

Last year I set out to read 100 books, but I ran out of time and only read 75. So this year, I will read one hundred books. And you're my witness :) The only thing stopping me this year is 9 seasons' worth of Seinfeld episodes- wish me luck!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

book number 35: rule number one: be scary. rule number two: be less than thrilling

i finally FINALLY finished reading my 35th book (yes, the last entry was a typo).  Daniel Silva's Moscow Rules.  hooray!  i am out from under Moscow's oppressive rules!  it was really well written, and it made me think about russia and all of its secrets and underground shit. governments are terrifying things when you get right down to it.  other than that, i really have no thoughts on this book.  it was far too long for me to even remember things that i read two weeks ago- the move-in/re-move-in process has been a little stressful, not to mention worrying about job searching and cooking and money and family and pets and yada yada yada.  so the next one will be better, i swear :) 
one note of good and exciting news: i got my library card in my new temporary home! yay!

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