Why 100?

Last year I set out to read 100 books, but I ran out of time and only read 75. So this year, I will read one hundred books. And you're my witness :) The only thing stopping me this year is 9 seasons' worth of Seinfeld episodes- wish me luck!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

#22- Ed Department Strikes Back

Really???? On Spring Break?????  i guess this is what i get for putting off homework and/or doing it a month before it is actually due.  this is how i operate.  i'm not sure why.  right now i am writing because i am a strange mix of emotions- im "trapped in a glass case of" them, if you will (and you should).  its this strange and diabolical mix of angry, sad, confused, excited, and lovey dovey.  (i told you it was a weird mix).  but that has absolutely nothing to do with this book i just read:
Classics in the Classroom: Designing Accessible Literature Lessons
by Carol Jago- that's Mrs. Jago to you

Alright, well, this is going to be a short one.  i have to do my nails, and typing isn't exactly the best activity to accompany wet nails.  basically i have the same review for this education guide as i do for all the others i have read...... useful if i were actually in the classroom, trying to pull together activities for lesson plans for these particular classics, but as of right now- not so much.  blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. 
i'm out.

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