Why 100?

Last year I set out to read 100 books, but I ran out of time and only read 75. So this year, I will read one hundred books. And you're my witness :) The only thing stopping me this year is 9 seasons' worth of Seinfeld episodes- wish me luck!

Monday, February 8, 2010

YouTube - ‫جديد شيرين - كتر خيري‬‎

YouTube - ‫جديد شيرين - كتر خيري‬‎
i might be tripping on ambien- i should have actually gone to bed for like the last hour, but whatever, i'm here nbow and this music video clip is just incredibly beautiful right now and dreamy and sleepy and ethereal. so many cultural things mixing and mashing right now in my head and on my computer..... hummm yeaaaaaaaaahea
f.y.i. she is singing about her 'habibi' which means 'her love' <3

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